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Minutes of the SIP Planning Meeting, held on Aug 25, 2011 at the Harbour Front Center

The minutes are done in a bullet form to make it easy for you to read. I hope you will like this with your busy schedule.

Attendees (L-R):
Deborah Lewis
Vikas Ramrakha (hidden)
Gus Lazopoulos
Max Haroon
Alysha Dominico
Vaughan Dragland
Jim Pagiamtzis (se the next photo)

Object of the meeting
Business Plan
How to make SIP more viable for the 21st Century
Volunteering with SIP

Discussion Document
SIP Business Plan, posted at:

Moderator for the meeting:
Alysha Dominico

Jim Pagiamtzis
Max Haroon

Big (WHY) Questions to Tackle:
Why people come to SIP, Who is SIP, What SIP wants to be, whom we want to serve.
Why do believe in what we want to do? What attract people (or you and us) to SIP? What has worked?

Membership Dilemma
1. Any one who attends our events or who subscribe to SIPpost become an Associate Member of SIP; we have now 10,000 associates of SIP.
2. SIP commenced its life by drafting accreditation standards for Professional Membership called AIP (Accredited Internet Professionals). It was a long process with constant changes as the streams and standards are moving targets, not getting an appropriate response, the AIP membership was dropped.
3. A new category called Professional Membership was established in two formats, one-time registration fee of $500 to get lifetime membership. Another was $100 annually.

More about Professional Members:

Notable Quotes from the meeting:
Vikas Ramrakha describing SIP S (Such) I (Incredible) P (Potential).
Deborah Lewis mentioned, "Using everyone sphere of influence to better promote SIP"

Discussion started by talking about the Vision of SIP moving forward, addressing the Why Questions above.
Bring clarity to whom we are attracting and why they should find this of interest.
SIP Professional Code of Ethics.
Networking of likeminded entrepreneurs.
SIP serving as a portal to event etc.
Workshop is a good revenue generation model for SIP, while evening events are more of networking and they are a loss leader unless we get an event sponsor.

Main priority was to re-do the website ideas were exchange on how to do that "Use collaboration technique with an intern was discussed".
Talk about how we can monetize SIP by having corporate sponsors
Creating affinity programs.
Creating collaboration team to unite entrepreneurs and business project through bidding process.
Use lobbying on specific topics related to internet.
Incubator program e.g. MARS.
We have talked about activities and now we talk about how we will do it. Redoing the website is a top priority.

Actions to be taken
Alysha Dominico to draft the Website description/requirement in 2 weeks. This will be send to all attendees so that they can leverage their online and off-line networks to recruit volunteers/interns for designing and developing new website.

Volunteers Proposed for Various Roles
1. Alysha Dominico (Communications Coordinator)
2. Deborah Lewis (Event Coordinator)
3. Jim Pagiamtzis (Resources Coordinator)
4. Vaughan Dragland (Website Project Coordinator)
5. Vikas Ramrakha (Tradeshows Coordinator)

Details of volunteering and job are at:

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