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Report: Web 2.0 Panel Discussions
Social Networking Websites and Collaborative Tools
Held at Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Nov. 28, 2007

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Just as the next generation of the Web—Web 2.0—is revolutionizing media, culture, and the economy, the Net Generation and its Web 2.0 tools are profoundly reshaping organizations and workplaces. Drawing on their experience with peers on sites such as Facebook and YouTube, N-Geners in the workplace increasingly employ blogs, wikis, and other new tools to form ad hoc communities that transcend departmental and organizational boundaries. These new communities are changing the very nature of work and blurring the lines of demarcation in the organization's value chain. Smart companies will learn to leverage blogs, wikis, and other nascent tools that promote collaboration to enable high performance teams that create superior business outcomes.

We had four excellent presentations and a lively panel discussion. It was a successful event. Here below is some feedback on it.

“ ... This session on social networking & collaborative tools, was really unbelievable. Four speakers on the panel were highly accredited. Their presentations were organized, succinct and enlightening” - Annabelle Hoffman.

1. Presenter/Moderator
Paul Artiuch
is a senior research analyst and associate director of member services at New Paradigm. Paul's most recent experience includes research into collaboration tools, external innovation, as well as global talent markets. He has authored and co-authored a number of New Paradigm white papers and case studies dealing with the impact of technology and demographics on business models. Paul holds a degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business.

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2. Presentation

Darius Bashar is a professional Social Media Coach and president of Apollo Media. Darius has established himself as an active contributor to the social networking community and is a longtime advocate of such websites as, Facebook and LinkedIn. Darius has been a professional Blogger since 2006. He has just returned from attending the November 2007 Blogworld Expo conference in Las Vegas and is excited to share his experiences from this conference.  

For the most part blogging has been perceived as social activity for novice writers. This discussion will focus on how blogs can in fact also be utilized as a tremendous tool for both corporations and individual to effectively build their brands. Darius will also examine how blogs can be utilized as a source for generating revenues. The discussion will focus on specific steps and strategies in creating a coherent social media marketing campaign.
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3. Presentation

Martin Cleaver , MSc MBA, Principal, Blended Perspectives ran his first Wiki at Arthur Andersen whilst a manager for Large Scale Systems Integration, and has been captivated by Wiki Consulting ever since. Martin is known for promoting how social media technologies catalyse structural reform of both business and society, with recent speaking engagements including KM World in 2006, at the wiki and mind mapping panels at Office 2.0, 2007. Martin runs Toronto Wiki Tuesdays.

Martin Cleaver will talk through how wikis and related technologies as open intranets and extranets invite contribution from everyone and create the conditions for ideas to permeate through organisations. Whilst reducing the email load of every worker, social media shifts thinking and personal engagement, opening up possibilities for both process and cultural reform. Martin will show you how to pick a project and briefly touch on the phases needed to sell and successfully implement a project.

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4. Presentation
Joel Alleyne
, Practitioner in Residence at the Knowledge Media Design Institute, University of Toronto. Joel was appointed to the Entovation 100 Global Knowledge Leadership Map. He has worked with many organizations in both the public and private sectors across the Americas and in Europe as a consultant, researcher, entrepreneur and manager in the field of Management Consulting for the last twenty eight years.

Social networks are the fabric of society and through enabling tools and social media is woven into social capital.   Social and knowledge media has emerged as an important part of the Web 2.0 arsenal inside and outside of organizations. The challenge for internet professionals is to understand social capital, social networking, social network analysis and to determine how to use social media tools to help public and private organizations connect and collaborate with various constituencies and stakeholders.
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