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Promoting Your Business Symposium

Held on Thursday November 1, 2007


This event was jointly organized by the Computer Trainers Network and the Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) was attended by about 40 participants.

A business or a professional service can not survive without any marketing and promotion of the business. Advertisement is an obvious choice but it's not affordable by one person or SOHO entrepreneurs. The next best thing is word of mouth, but that too needs publicity. Consisting of two presentations, this seminar will explore avenues open to you to promote yourself or your business without spending a fortune.

PRESENTATION 1: Getting Your Name Out in Print by Janette Burke

  • The differences between PR and advertising
  • What you need to know about turning the media into a client & pitching your story to them
  • What you need to know about devising your media plan & leveraging yourself and your exposure

Janette Burke,  the Founding Publicist of Prime Time PR ( ) and Former Editor of PR talk (Canada's only online PR magazine geared towards helping book authors, small business owners and professionals understand the differences between PR & advertising and effectively use PR to grow their business), is a marketing/PR coach, consultant, trainer, speaker and columnist for The York Region Business Times. email:


Download Janette's Presentation

PRESENTATION 2: Getting Your Name Out on the Net: A Seven-Step e-Marketing Strategy by Max Haroon

1. Email Address
2. Personal and Business Websites
3. Ranking High with Search Engines
4. E-Newsletter (E-Mail Campaign)
5. Blogging
6. Establish Credibility
7. Social Network Websites

Max Haroon, AIP is the founding president of the Society of Internet Professionals and a social entrepreneur. He has been involved in the Information Technology (IT) industry in various sectors, including the Internet and IT Training for over 35 years. He has completed many consulting assignments, forging alliances, as well as initiating various entrepreneurial enterprises. His work has spanned many countries in three continents. He provides consulting services in leveraging the Internet for business usage, and search engine marketing & optimization. email:














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