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Business Continuity Planning for Information Security

Business Continuity Planning or BCP is a methodology used to create a plan for how an organization will resume partially or completely interrupted critical function(s) within a predetermined time after a disaster or disruption.

In today's state-of-the-art technology based environment, we depend on our Information Systems more than ever, which also means that our organization is exposed to a higher degree of vulnerabilities than ever. The pro-active planning to make an organization prepared to continue its critical business functions during and after any disaster or disruption is called Business Continuity Planning. Just as a ship without a rudder is at the mercy of the tides, an organization without a Business Continuity Plan is at the mercy of disastrous events such as power outages, water leaks, fire, Information Theft, Viruses and Human Errors.



•  Disaster Recovery Planning: Preparing for the Unthinkable by John William Toigo
•  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for InfoSec Managers by John Rittinghouse and James Ransome
•  High Availability and Disaster Recovery : Concepts, Design, Implementation by Klaus Schmidt


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Review BCP services under the IRC. The Internet Resource Centre (The IRC) is a consortium of SIP members offering their services.

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