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If you are looking to promote your services to our members and establishing credibility of affiliating with a professional body or branding your organization then consider becoming a corporate sponsor of the Society of Internet Professionals (SIP).

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship

At SIP events, we will provide you with the following:

1. Display your business banner.

2. Table to display/distribute your products and promotional material.

3. An opportunity for you to say a few words about your company.

4. Complimentary ten VIP tickets, reserved seating, to the event for your customers and staff.

5. Honour you with a SIP sponsorship plaque.

6. If you nominate a notable speaker in line with the theme of an event, the speaker will be considered to give a presentation. All speakers are profiled on Speakers Directory

7. Your Branding on our Website
We will profile your company in our Online Directory.

8. Accreditation
All members abide by SIP's Code of Ethics, which boost confidence and comfort levels of your clients and prospects.

9. Exposure through SIPpost
SIPpost is our e-Newsletter of tech. Briefs, it is subscribed by 6000 associates.

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