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SIP Annual Dinner on June 24, 2009 at Bright Pearl

Keynote: The Top Three e-Marketing Secrets by Paul Tobey

CEO and Lead Trainer Paul Tobey of TrainingBusinessPros has trained thousands of marketers and webmasters over this past year.  He generously offers golden nuggets in his free 4-hour intensive that proves why organic listings is essential to your marketing and trains you on exactly how SEO copy writing can improve your rankings very quickly. However, Paul has promised SIP that he will give his top three e-Marketing/SEO Secrets that he would only give to his 100K clients.



Paul Tobey is a certified trainer and CEO of TrainingBusinessPros.Com and StreetSmartMarketer.  He is also co-founder of Infinite Web Income, an online directory of SEO and business training.  As lead trainer he has conducted hundreds of SEO workshops training over 10 thousand businesses across Canada.   His success stories include helping giants like Ontario Place and Kissner Milling to start-ups like Online Today! As a master trainer, no one leaves his intensive training without understanding exactly how to succeed online!

Training Business Pros has trained thousands of business professionals and entrepreneurs in the art of online marketing. Visit & support SIP Sponsor

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