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Non-Verbal Communication in Your Business
Role of Social Etiquette and Body Language in a business environment 

Learn what to do and what not-to-do in a social business environment session.

  • Learn how to make an entrance
  • The handshake
  • Presentation of business card
  • How to tackle plate, glass, napkin + an extended hand
  • Personal space
  • Small talk, how to approach someone, the four points of striking up a conversation, how to gracefully exit a conversation.

You use unconscious gestures, tonality, breathing shifts, skin tone changes and movements to communicate with others throughout every conversation, meeting and interaction:

• Speak with more confidence and conviction using a dynamic voice

• Effectively communicate

• Assess your audience's body language

Adeodata Czink, raised in the diplomatic community in Stockholm, Sweden, Adeodata Czink had her etiquette training right from the cradle.  In 1989 she founded Business of Manners, a company that provides seminars in international etiquette, formal dining and social graces.

Carla Estifan holds an Honors BA in Psychology and MA in NVC (Non Verbal Communication) and has been training individuals for the past 6 years in Non-Verbal Communication. She specializes in body language analysis, deception, presentation skills, tonality, sales, dating behaviour, and sales presentations. Details

May 19, 2011 at 6 pm

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Room 304, Metro Hall, 55 John Street (at King St.), Toronto, ON 55V 3C6

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