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Future of E-Publishing and E-Reading

As part of our 13th Anniversary Celebrations, The Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) hosted a notable panel at prestigious Metro Convention Centre on April 7, 2010:

The event was enjoyed by more than 55 attendees,see some comments below:
“ Thoroughly enjoyed tonight's talks on e-publishing and e-readers. Fantastic group of panelists with a range of interesting, informed perspectives. ” Connie Crosby

"The e-pbulishing panel discussion was a success in my opinion mainly because the panelists had vast knowledge about the topic. Keep up the good job of looking for similar professional-type speakers in hot topics that people are looking for info on." Maryam Khan

The Future of E-Publishing
Digital publishing is changing the model for writing, distributing, selling and reading of books. It is also bypassing many middle businesses and processes. The book is no longer a physical entity. An e-author can publish the book him or herself and sells directly to the consumers. The process has also created new vistas - eBook readers, self-publishing houses, e-authors, and e-books.

Review Summaries & Presentations

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