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SIP 14th Anniversary Celebrations, March 21, 2011

It was great to see some old friends and many new faces at the 14th Anniversary of Society of Internet Professionals (SIP).

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There was a powerful energy of over 85 attendees at the Council Chamber of the City Hall last Monday.

Jeff Quipp gave an excellent presentation connecting search engines and social media, followed by a de-mystifying local searches presentation by Alan K'necht.

The event was sposnored by &

It was an excellent event - do not take my word for it,
read what some attendees have said, more comments are posted on the

"The best part was room full of guests and the event filled with value", Justin McMakien
"The speakers were excellent", Malida William
"Excellent Energy" June Li
"It was well done!", Hiroo Thadaney
"Glad I came", Winnie Lui
"Enjoyed, learned and met interesting professionals", Muhammad Mollah
"Very glad I came", Attila Lenvai
"Jeff Quipp was amazing !!", Nickey Zeinis
"Wow moment of the evening was meeting Max", Mark Varrin

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Photos have turned out memorable, thanks to Olga Goubar and Joe Collins

Now, let us walk the talk given at the event, join Social Networking Media, here are three SIP groups and I will encourage you to join:

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