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Digital Publishing Kit
A Resource-Intensive Kit to help you in creating & marketing :
e-newsletters blogs e-zines online training e-Books

Digital and Web-based Publications have become cost-effective alternatives to the traditional printed book. The Internet has become a tool of the 21 st century for bringing together the small contributions of millions of people like you and making them matter.

It was created (275 pages of resource intensive content) from the materials and presentations of a SIP workshop held on January 27, 2007, and from subsequent additions and feedbacks.

The kit consists of the following:

  1. Digital Publishing Manual (presentations, articles, list of websites, books) 275 pages of resource intensive material will be mailed to your address. Some articles are available for your review. Review Table of Contents
  2. e-Book Primer
  3. Access to Resources, such as useful websites, articles, eBooks, etc.
  4. Good Ideas: Defining Your Concept to Meet the Market
  5. Publishing and Distribution
  6. Leveraging the Promotional Power of Internet
  7. E-Mail Campaign: Best Practices
  8. What Should be Included in the Press Release


Digital Publishing Kit Brochure

Inquiries: or phone: 416-891-4937

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